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Leading Worship and Worship Teams


Leading worship is a high calling whether you are a traditional worship leader using conducting gestures to lead the congregation in singing and worship or if you are leading a worship team of singers and instrumentalists using more contemporary forms of leading worship. 

The heart of the worship leader is of utmost importance. The book of Psalms in scriptures is full of admonition about our heart and approach to God for worship, a good place to read, study, and to teach others on the Biblical understanding for worship music and leading worship. Music and worship in the church should be approached with humility and is about glorifying God and leading others into the presence of God through music. Have a strong Biblical philosophy that governs all you do and seek spiritual and musical growth continually individually and as a worship team.

Next to being spiritually in the right place is being musically and skillfully capable.   Can you lead with your voice?  Can you lead beat and rhythm confidently so others can follow?  Do you have any keyboard or instrumental skills that will assist you in leading worship or leading a worship team?  Are you able to teach vocal music and skills such as singing harmony, instrumental accompanying, and sound technology to others on the worship team to help them develop their skills as good stewards of what God has given them?  Are you spirit led in how you relate to the Pastor, other musicians, the congregation, and in planning and implementing the flow of music for worship?  Does the congregation eagerly and freely respond in joining in with worship singing?  If you need help in any of these areas, a skilled and spiritually sensitive master teacher can help you or a worship team develop aspects of any of these skills to be more confident and effective in leading music for worship.

There are a lot of varying opinions about worship music in every church today.  Music is as different as people and their preferences for worship music.  Some guidelines to think about to make your worship music effective are:  1)  Know the Pastor’s and church leadership’s guidelines and preferences 2) Know the congregation, their culture, and their preferences 3)  Be as diverse as possible in your music knowledge from sacred music, to traditional or liturgical church music, to contemporary church music 4)  Seek to blend music to meet everyone’s needs as everyone has a taste and palette for different types of music that speaks to their heart spiritually 5)  Don’t sacrifice God’s standards or quality, don’t make it about performance, but make it about the heart of music and worship speaking to the hearts of the congregation.

Two of the most important qualities to take your leadership and the worship team to greater heights is be humble, and be teachable.

Many Blessings!