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Can Piano Lessons Make My Child Smarter?

Children who take private piano lessons are more likely to be high achievers in school. There are many benefits to taking private piano lessons: confidence, self-esteem building, self-discipline, personal enjoyment, self-expression to mention a few, but one of the greatest is the impact on brain development, higher level thinking and problem solving which are essential skills for success academically and in life skills. Piano lessons teach a comprehensive understanding of theory, technique, reading, and performance all at the same time. Research shows that brain development in children is at its peak between ages 5-10 and this is the most critical time for children to take advantage of piano lessons. Children who take piano lessons show more advanced skills in reading, language arts, math, and overall are higher achievers in school. Piano lessons also give them a foundation to choose to learn any other instrument later at a faster pace and with greater success. Consider it an investment that has high paybacks the rest of your child's life. Personally speaking, I have three adult children who had a minimum of 2 years of piano lessons as children. They each were high achievers in school, their careers, and in life. Though this was only one aspect that positively impacted their life, I am sure it contributed significantly to their development. Investing in music lessons for your children will not be a waste of time but an investment that can bring great rewards if done with care.